We're hiring a lead software developer in Linz, Austria.


Who we are looking for

If you're a Swift Hacker ...
We expect you to thoroughly understand the new language -- you know when to apply Generics versus Associated Types, and you know when Type Erasure is necessary. You routinely discover retain cycles when you look at other peoples code.
... and a Software Architect ...
You know how to build large projects. Your code is robust, it handles error conditions gracefully, and you validate assumptions. You take the time to do it right instead of rushing to conform to the spec.
You know the fundamental design patterns, and you apply them without blindly following the latest trends.
... we'd like to offer you a job!

Why you will love working here

Flexible hours
We understand that you have a life ouside of work. You can choose which days you want to work and how many hours you want to work. If you need to take a day off on short notice, that's OK. We don't have any external deadlines, so we also don't have things like over time or crunch time.
We're a small team (currently 2), so you'll quickly have a lot of responsibility. You'll be responsible for designing and implementing new features, or for developing completely new applications. If you like a bit of distraction every now and then, we also have a couple of Open Source side projects you can contribute to.
Programming shouldn't ruin your back. That's why we have height-adjustable sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs in our office. You can decide whatever equipment you need to get the job done (recommended: a new Macbook Pro with a large external monitor).
Our focus is on macOS desktop apps, so you'll work a lot with Swift, Cocoa/AppKit and Objective-C. We're in the process of switching from Objctive C to Swift. New code is written exclusively in Swift; old code is rewritten as necessary. We have a few PostgreSQL databases, and we use Git for version control. The occasional web service is written in PHP or Ruby on Rails.
I can offer a salary between 40.000€ - 50.000€ per year for this position.


How to apply

If you'd like to know more about this job offer, email me:

You can also just come over and visit our office (Domgasse 10, 4020 Linz). I'm here most week days during normal office hours.

If you want to get an immediate offer, you can pick a challenging issue from or Table Tool and send a pull request.