Postico Development Builds

This page lists recent builds of Postico.

If you find any issues, please post them to

Build Nr Message
3180Workaround for scrolling bug #553Download
2774jakob: Bump version to 1.4beta5Download
2755martin: Bumped verwsion to 1.4 beta 4Download
2737chris: Fixed rounding issue in NSString extension and added testsDownload
2731martin: DDLView: bugfix for crash when displaying DDL view for pg_catalog.pg_typeDownload
2715jakob: Update version to 1.4beta1Download
2668DDL View: rebased on masterDownload
2639martin: improvements for DDL view
* pending changes are now reflected in the DDL view
* temporary tables can now be created in the structure view
* readability improvements
    * removed explicit default schema qualification for "public"
    * removed explicit default tablespace declaration for "pg_default"
    * only double quoting identifiers when necessary
* some UX improvements
2627Commited by chris:
- fixed UI bug when using separators other than comma
- automatically match source/target columns by order or name
- reset matched columns
- apply matched columns of previous imports
- display correct number of imported columns
- save and restore last csv setting (encoding, quote character, etc.)
2609martin: SQLDumpView: removed TABLESPACE from CREATE TABLE if not supported (Redshift) #34Download