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29 Jun 2013

PG Commander Beta 5

The modern Postgres client now supports keyboards.

When I made my newest app public almost two weeks ago, I couldn't believe all the positive feedback I got. Within a week, 700 of you downloaded my app. I received the nicest emails. One user just wrote: “How can I give you money?!” (Obviously I found that in my spam folder). I read all the encouraging words and thoughtful feedback. And all the friendly chitchat about PG Commander on Twitter!

One common theme among all the suggestions was the lack of proper keyboard control. So Beta 5 brings lots of keyboard shortcuts for all you power users. You can now open tables, navigate rows, toggle the sidebar and execute queries without reaching for that trackpad — check out the brand new "View" menu.

There are also lot's of other little fixes. I worked on all these small details that make an app a joy to use. So go and download the latest version from the PG Commander website. As always, you can find the full list of changes in the Changelist.