PG Commander for Mac Download
Also available on the
Mac App Store

PG Commander requires OS X 10.8 or later. © 2013 Egger Apps e. U.

Installing PG Commander

Mac App Store

If you bought PG Commander on the Mac App Store, use the ‘App Store’ application for installation.

Manual Installation

To install PG Commander, simply download it and then drag it to your Applications folder.

Licensing PG Commander

When you buy PG Commander from the Egger Apps website, you will receive a license file. This license file contains a cryptographic signature that confirms your purchase. To activate your license, make sure you have PG Commander installed, and then double click the license file to open it.

No internet connection is required for activation.

PG Commander Settings

PG Commander is a sandboxed application, so all settings are stored within its sandbox container.

Preferences are stored in the file:

Favorites are stored in the file:
~/Library/Containers/at.eggerapps.PG-Commander/Data/Library/Application Support/PG Commander/ConnectionFavorites.db

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