Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.

We try to collect only information that we really need, and minimise the amount of information we store.

We make desktop applications that run locally on your computer. Our software does not have any "cloud" features. All of your data stays on your computer (and any database servers you connect to).

Our software does not transfer any of your data to a web service or similar.

You do not need to trust us with your data, because we don't have your data.

However, we do collect a minimal amount of statistical information, as described below.

Our Website ""

We store full web server access and error logs for 14 days. Additionally, we store logs about software downloads indefinitely.

These logs include IP addresses.

Egger Apps Store

The Egger Apps Store is not part of our website. It is operated by Fastspring. They have a separate privacy policy.

When you make a purchase, Fastspring shares with us the following information:

If you indicate that you would like update announcements via email, we add your name and email address to our mailing list (see below).


Postico uses a web service to check for updates. When checking for updates, Postico sends the following information to the web service

We use this information to determine how many users we have, what macOS versions to support, etc.

You can disable automatic update checking in Postico preferences.

When activating a license, Postico connects to a webservice and transmits the license number.

Postico has a built-in crash reporter. When Postico crashes, an anonymous crash report is sent to a web service. We don't log IP addresses from crash reports. You can disable crash reporting in Postico preferences. For more details, see Postico documentation.

Mailing List

We also have a mailing list for product announcements. You can sign up for this list either on our web site, or when ordering one of our products in the Fastspring store.

We use Mail Chimp to operate this mailing list. We use this mailing list only for announcements related to our products.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact