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Licenses & Pricing

For companies and organisations

Our commercial licenses are for companies, academic institutions and all other organisations.

Commercial licenses are perpetual (no recurring costs) and transferrable within your organisation, so you can transfer the license to another employee as needed.

We offer commercial licenses on a per-device basis, or a discounted team license for up to 10 devices.


Commercial License

Single or multi user license. Valid for Postico 2.x.

80€ per device (plus VAT if applicable)


Team License

Multi user license for up to 10 devices. Valid for Postico 2.x.

600€ (plus VAT if applicable)

To extend an existing license, please log in to the license manager.

Please also see our Information for Resellers.

For Individuals

Personal licenses are our affordable option for individual users. If you are paying for Postico with your own money, this is the license to get. Personal licenses are perpetual and can be activated on up to 3 of your devices. Personal licenses are not available for resellers.


Personal License

Single user license for up to 3 devices. Valid for Postico 2.x. Not for resale.

50€ (VAT included)

We also offer a very affordable license for students:


Student License

Single user license for 1 device. Valid for Postico 2.x. Not for resale.

20€ (VAT included)

If you have purchased Postico 1.x or PG Commander you can upgrade to Postico 2 Personal at a discounted price of 30€. (If you have purchased the license within the last 90 days, the upgrade fee is 10€).

Evaluation License

You can download and try Postico for free. The evaluation license has no time limit. Feel free to evaluate Postico as long as you want. However, Postico is not a free app: The evaluation license is only for evaluation purposes. When you determine that Postico is suitable for you, please buy a license.


Free Evaluation License

For evaluation purposes only.

A paid license is required to unlock all features.