Postico 2 Preview

The native Mac app for PostgreSQL
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Postico 2 is compatible with PostgreSQL 8.0 or later, Amazon Redshift, CockroachDB, Greenplum, and others.
Postico 2 requires macOS 10.13 or later. If you have an older Mac, get Postico 1.5 instead.

A database app for users

Postico 2 is a database app with a very strong focus on its core audience: people who use databases. Our customers range from researchers and analysts to app developers and students. Whether you want to enter data, search data, or perform SQL queries, Postico has you covered.

Postico 2 is the next major version coming after Postico 1.5. If you'd like to know more about Postico 1.5, click here.

New: Multi-File Query Editor

The new SQL query editor makes working with a lot of queries easier than ever:

Screenshot of the Query Editor in Postico 2

Data Entry, Editing, and Search

Click a table in the sidebar, and see the data instantly. Add rows, edit them, or filter them. Powerful features like the foreign key picker or the row detail sidebar make editing all kinds of tables a breeze.

Screenshot of the Table Content Editor in Postico 2

Table Structure Editor

Postico has a powerful graphical structure editor for creating and altering tables. Add a column, edit data types, set a default value. Columns, indexes and constraints are unified in a single editor, so you see everything at once.

And the more technically inclined can view the structure as raw SQL (DDL view).

Screenshot of the Table Structure Editor in Postico 2

New: Function Editor

You can now edit functions and stored procedures.

Screenshot of the Function Editor in Postico 2

New: Distraction-free Updates

Postico now updates silently in the background. We know that you have more important things on your mind than dealing with software updates. So unless you disable automatic updates, Postico will never interrupt you with an update notification again.

You can choose whether you want stable releases or development builds straight from our continuous integration system.

Improved: Connection Settings

The streamlined interface means that your servers are never more than two clicks away. Connection management in Postico 2 has been optimized for everyone, whether you use a single server, or hundreds of them:

Redshift, Greenplum, CockroachDB

Postico tries to support all PostgreSQL-compatible databases. In addition to PostgreSQL, we have first class support for Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, and CockroachDB.

Some databases like Vertica are supported only in a limited way: executing SQL is possible, but other features do not work.

New: Support & Feedback built in

Postico now has a dedicated "Feedback" button in the toolbar to send feedback or to request support. Postico will include relevant version numbers automatically, and optionally even include a screenshot of the current window. You can send feedback anonymously, or you can include your email address if you want us to get back to you.

Alternatively, you can continue to contact us via email ( or via our Github Issues page.


Why is this just a "Preview" of Postico 2?
There are still a few minor bugs that we want to fix before we can recommend that people upgrade from Postico 1.x
When is Postico 2 going to be released?
Soon! We need to fix a few bugs and hope to release Postico 2.0 soon.
Is this a paid upgrade from Postico 1.x?
Yes, Postico 2 is a paid upgrade. However, if you have purchased a license for Postico 1.x, you can use all functions of Postico 2 Preview until the final version is released.
Is there a grace period for people who have just purchased Postico 1.x?
If you have purchased a Postico 1.x license for yourself within the last 90 days, you can upgrade for 10€.
I bought a preorder license. How do I get my license key?
Please use the order number as license key.
Are there any limits in the Preview?
  • Preview builds expire after 6 weeks. Postico 2 updates itself, so unless you disable automatic updates that should not be an issue.
  • Postico 2 Preview has limits similar to the free trial of Postico 1.5 and needs to be activated to unlock all features (eg. multiple tabs). You can activate Postico 2 Preview either with a Postico 1.x license, or you can buy a license for Postico 2.
Are any other features coming to Postico 2?
The current feature set is what we are confident we can ship for 2.0. Our focus is on making the current feature set stable and fix usability issues that pop up during testing. We plan to ship additional features in 2.1, 2.2, etc, but we don't have a fixed roadmap. We prioritise our work largely according to customer demand, so make sure to click the new feedback button!
Where can I follow your progress?
We have a public changelog for Postico 2 at Every commit that gets merged into the master branch triggers a build that will be published on that page.
Is Postico 2 ready for production use?
If you can live with a few minor bugs, yes!

We have been using Postico 2 ourselves for more than a year, and we are not aware of any critical bugs. We still recommend to follow best practices and to always have a backup of your data.