Purchasing licenses for others

We distribute our products through the Mac App Store and through Fastspring. If you would like resell licenses of our products, please place an order on the Fastspring store:

Provide your billing name and address. By default, the license name is the same as the billing name, but you can customize the license name during checkout. Please provide the end customer name in the "License Name" field.


We do not offer any discounts for resellers.


Licenses for Postico and MDB Viewer are delivered in the form of a license file that the end customer can use to activate the product. Please download the license file and deliver it to the end customer (for example as an email attachment). Please make sure that whatever software you use to deliver the license files does not modify them in any way.

If you purchase multiple licenses, you will receive a single license file that can be activated multiple times.

Payment terms

Available payment options vary by country. Please check the online store for accepted payment methods in your country. Payment is required before delivery.


We do not write custom quotes or offer letters. Please use the online store to purchase Postico licenses.

License Terms

You can find the license terms for Postico here.