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Purchasing Information for corporate customers


We distribute Postico 2 licenses through Digital River MyCommerce. Their address is:

Digital River GmbH
Wiesenhüttenstraße 11
60329 Frankfurt

For US customers: You can find their W8BEN form here: digital-river-w8ben.pdf

Please use these links to purchase new licenses on the MyCommerce store:

Use these links to extend existing licenses (you need to provide the original license key dirung checkout):

You can find more details on the pricing page.

Pricing, currencies, discounts and quotes

Please see the information on the pricing page. The final price including all taxes will be shown in the store after you provide a billing address.

Our prices are set in EUR. The store offers checkout in other currencies, but the exchange rates include a conversion fee and the exact price will change as exchange rates fluctuate. If you need a stable price, please select EUR.

We do not write offer letters or quotes.


Our licenses are delivered as a short license key/serial number that can be easily shared with the end user. If you purchase multiple licenses in a single order, you will receive a shared license key that is valid for multiple users/devices.

If you need multiple license keys instead of a shared key, please make multiple orders.

Changes from Postico 1.x

If you have previously purchased licenses for Postico 1.x, there have been some changes for Postico 2:
- we now use a different reseller, so the store looks a bit different
- licenses are now delivered as a license key instead of a license file

Licenses for Postico 1.5 are still available. Please see the Postico 1.5 website for details.

Any Further Questions?

If this page doesn't answer your questions, please contact us via email:

We'll try to get back to you within a few days.