jetread is a simple command line tool for macOS that allows you to read MDB and ACCDB databases from the command line.



jetread is a single executable. Just unzip it somewhere and execute it:


This will print basic usage instructions, which may or may not be accurate.

To list tables in a database file, use the following command:

./jetread database.mdb list-tables

To read a table use the following command:

./jetread database.mdb export TABLENAME

You can also specify an export format:

./jetread database.mdb export TABLENAME -fmt csv >output-file.csv

To export all tables, for example in JSON format, just skip the table name:

./jetread database.mdb export -fmt json >output-file.json

Supported formats are csv, json, sqlite, mysql, postgresql

For batch processing files, use xargs or a shell script like this:

for mdbfile in *.mdb
    ./jetread "$mdbfile" export TABLENAME -fmt csv > "${mdbfile%.mdb}.csv"

License etc.

jetread is completely free to use, but you may not redistribute it without my permission.

jetread is based on my proprietary library for reading MDB files. I made it for my personal use, and put it online because people keep asking for a tool like this. jetread comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk!


If you have questions or comments regarding jetread, feel free to email me:

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