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Automatic License Activation for MDM

In some cases, you may want to activate Postico licenses automatically without user intervention, eg. when you automatically deploy Postico to a managed device.

There are three ways to define a license key for automatic activation:

  1. Set the environment variable POSTICO_LICENSE_KEY
  2. Set the user default AutoActivateLicenseKey with a shell command like this:
    defaults write at.eggerapps.Postico AutoActivateLicenseKey XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  3. Place a text file with the license key in one of the following locations: Only the first line of the file is used, so you can add comments below the license key.

Every time Postico is launched, it checks the above places for a license key. If it finds a valid license key in either of the places, and it is not yet activated, it will try to activate the license automatically. This allows automatic installation of Postico on managed machines.

Postico will not try to re-activate automatically after you have deactivated the license. If you have deactivated the license, you need to re-activate manually by going to Postico preferences.