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License Terms

You are allowed to use Postico only under the terms of this license.

Evaluation License
You can download and use Postico for evaluation purposes without purchasing a license. You do not need to register to use Postico for evaluation. There is no time limit for evaluation, but some features are disabled in Postico if you have not purchased a license. Please do not attempt to circumvent these restrictions.

Personal License
A personal license allows one person to use Postico. Personal licenses allow only the original purchaser to use Postico. Personal licenses can be activated on up to 3 of your devices, as long as you are the only user of Postico on the device. For shared devices, please purchase a commercial license instead.

Student Licenses are like personal licenses, except that they can only be activated on a single device.

Commercial Licenses
Commercial licenses can be used by multiple people in your organisation. You need one license for each device.

Transfer of licenses
You can not sell, rent, sublicense, or otherwise transfer licenses to another person or organisation. However, it is allowed to transfer a license from one device to another when you replace a device with another one. It is not permissible to move licenses back and forth between devices to circumvent the device limit of the license.

Resale by resellers and distributors
As an exception to the previous section, resellers and distributors are allowed to resell commercial Postico licenses, as long as they have never been activated on a device. Personal licenses (and student licenses) are not available for resale.

If Postico does not work as advertised, we offer a refund for personal licenses within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us to request a refund.

No warranty
Postico is provided as-is, and we provide no warranty. Please evaluate Postico before purchasing a license to make sure it is suitable for your use case, and deactivate automatic updates if necessary. We run automatic tests as part of our QA process and have crash reporting in place to quickly identify bugs, but bugs still slip through occasionally.
We do not recommend using Postico for sensitive applications where software bugs would have serious consequences.

We hope to resolve any disagreements amicably out of court. If that's not possible, you agree that the place of jurisidiction is Linz, Austria.