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What is Postico?

Postico is a general purpose database client for PostgreSQL databases (and some compatible databases).

To use Postico, you need a database server. You can run your own database server on your Mac (for example with, or you can connect to a remote database server running on a different computer.

What can Postico do?

The main goal of Postico is to make it easy to work with databases. Some common tasks that Postico is used for include:

Who uses Postico?

Postico is used by business users, analysts, software developers, students and educators. We have customers in many industries, ranging from finance and marketing to healthcare and research.

Our target audience is anyone who needs to work with databases.

What Postico is not

Postico is not designed for database administration tasks such as backup and restore, user and permission management, or database monitoring.

There are specialized tools for these tasks that work great together with Postico.