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Best Practices for Reporting Bugs in Postico

When you run into a problem with Postico, the most important step is to contact me! I can only fix bugs that I know about. I try to thoroughly test Postico's functionality, but with thousands of people downloading my app every month, there are always corner cases that I will miss.

You can contact me via email, or you can post bug reports to the public issue tracker on Github.

What information you should provide when reporting bugs

Reporting crashes and hangs

It's important to differentiate between crashes and hangs.

When an app crashes, OS X will terminate it and display an error message. A crash report will usually be generated. It's very important to include this file when reporting crashes; otherwise it can be very hard for me to determine what has happened.

You can find Crash Reports in the directory ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/. Please send crash reports as an attachment via email; don't just copy & paste the text in an email, it makes it harder to read. If there are multiple crash reports for Postico, send me all of them.

A hang is when the app stops responding. Usually the beachball cursor will appear after a few seconds, but not for all types of hangs. When reporting a hang, please send a process sample of Postico.

To create a process sample, open Activity Monitor, select Postico, click the info button in the toolbar, then click "Sample". After a few seconds a sample will appear. Save it, then email it to me. Make sure to sample Postico while it is actually hanging.