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How to Report Bugs in Postico

When Postico crashes...

When an app crashes, macOS will terminate it and display an error message. A crash report will be generated. It's very important to include this file when reporting crashes; otherwise we can't determine what has happened.

You can find Crash Reports in the directory ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/. Please send crash reports as an attachment via email; don't copy & paste it. If there are multiple crash reports for Postico, send all of them.

When Postico hangs...

A hang is when the app stops responding. Sometimes the beachball cursor appears after a few seconds, but not for all types of hangs. When reporting a hang, please send a process sample of Postico.

To create a process sample, open Activity Monitor, select Postico, click the info button in the toolbar, then click "Sample". After a few seconds a sample will appear. Save it, then email it to us. Make sure to sample Postico while it is actually hanging.

How to contact us

The quickest way to contact us is our email address:

We also have a public issue tracker on Github:

What other information should you include when reporting bugs?