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Automatic Update Checking

Postico automatically contacts a web server ( to check for software updates. If a software update is available, a message is displayed in the favorites window.

Since Postico is sandboxed, it cannot update itself automatically. You have to manually update it. Updating Postico works the same as installing it: download the app and drag it to your “Applications” folder.

When checking for updates, Postico sends some statistical information to the web server. It sends the following information:

This information allows me to estimate how many people are using my app. It tells me what systems to focus on for testing, and what languages I should consider for localisation in the future.

Postico does not transmit any personal information (like your name or license number) when checking for updates.

If you do not want Postico to automatically check for updates, simply disable update checking in the preferences.

Mac App Store

If you bought Postico on the Mac App Store, the above doesn't apply. Use the ‘App Store’ application to install updates.