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Automatic Crash Reporting in Postico

Starting with version 1.5, Postico has a built-in crash reporter. Whenever Postico crashes, an anonymous crash report is sent to

We use the popular PLCrashReporter library to generate crash reports, with one modification: Postico anonymizes paths in the crash report to avoid leaking your username. Therefore, our crash reports contain no personal data.

For privacy reasons, we do not use a third party service for crash reporting. Crash reports are sent directly to a server we own. We do not log IP addresses.

Automatic Crash Reporting can be disabled in Postico preferences. If you disable automatic crash reporting, Postico will inform you of a new crash report next time you start it. You can then review the crash report file on disk, and maybe send it to us via email. (We can only fix bugs that we know about!)

Crash reports from Postico are also stored locally, which is useful if automatic crash reporting fails, or if you want to review what data Postico transmits. You can find them in ~/Library/Containers/at.eggerapps.Postico/Data/Library/Application Support/Postico/Crash Reports